Friday, January 8, 2010

Georgia 10 lari silver coin 2009

To mark the Day of St. George on November 23, 2009, the National Bank of Georgia has issued 10 lari denomination silver coin commemorating the church of St. George in Ilori. A remarkable monument of Georgian Architecture, the church of Saint George in Ilori (Ochamchire region ), Abkhazia, the historic and Geographic part of Georgia, was built in 11th century, AD and represents one of the most important praying places for all of Georgia. Walls of the church bear several old Georgian inscriptions performed Georgian orthodox believers of different generations.

Face Value: 10 lari

Date of issue: 2009

Weight: 28.28gr

Diameter: 38.61

Alloy: Ag 925°

Quality: Proof

Mintage (volume) 1500 pcs

Mintage Limit: 3000

The coins are struck in 2009, at the Mint of Finland.

The Coin designers are: Mamuka Gongadze (Reverse) and Temur Apkhadze (Obverse).

Obverse: composition of the obverse of the coin is the drawings of the 17th century, AD Italian monk Don Christoforo de Castelli, consisting of the Saint George church of Ilori, the village of Ilori and horseriders. Background of the coin is the mountain ridge of the Caucasus. In the lower right corner of the design is the word inscription “საქართველო” (“Sakartvelo”-Georgia) and the year of the issue -2009.

Reverse: the modern-day image of the Church is depicted in the center of the coin, with the Roman numeral “XI” – the date of the construction of the Church-underneath. The coat of arms of Georgia and the inscription “ილორი” (“Ilori”) is placed in the upper part of the coin and the denomination numeral 10 together with the lettering “ლარი” (“Lari”) is placed in the left side of the coin.

Edge- smooth with inscriptions: (“საქართველოს ეროვნული ბანკი”-“ The National Bank of Georgia”)

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