Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bermuda 4 dollar silver coin 2009

In 1609, Sir George Somers set sail from Plymouth, England aboard the Sea Venture, the new flagship of the Virginia Company, leading a fleet of nine vessels, loaded with provisions and settlers for the new English colony of Jamestown, in Virginia. During the journey, the Sea Venture was caught in a storm. To prevent the ship from sinking, 150 sailors and settlers were driven onto the reefs at the east end of Bermuda. All on board were saved and landed in Bermuda where they remained for over ten months. During that time, using material from the Sea Venture, the settlers built two other ships, the Deliverance and the Patience, and set sail in them for Jamestown, Virginia. These events serve to highlight Bermuda’s crucial role in the development of the New World. Over the past four centuries, Bermuda has evolved into a diverse multicultural community whose population has worked to build its reputation as a leading international financial services centre and tourism destination. During the quad-centennial celebrations, Bermuda will honour and showcase its people, culture and the numerous events that have shaped the history of the island from 1609 to date. The Bermuda Monetary Authority is pleased to issue this special four-sided coin, the first of this shape to be issued in Bermuda, and a special $4 denomination, as a tribute to the 400th anniversary of the island and its people. The reverse design features a sailing ship, a Brigantine vessel, which is representative of the ship used to bring the first people of the African Diaspora to the island. The reverse design also contains the inscription of the anniversary years, 1609 - 2009 and the words ‘400th Anniversary of the Settlement of Bermuda’ . The obverse of the coin features the portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by the sculptor, Ian Rank-Broadley, FRBS

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