Thursday, August 14, 2008

The 2 Euro coin 2004 Greece

Greece publishes 2004 the first 2 Euro Intending coins, which is course valid in the entire monetary union. European back, weight and material correspond to the normal rotating coin, the illustrated page show a Discus thrower and the Olympic rings. The European commission has green light on 30 September 2003 given for a new series of 2 Euro Think of coins. Starting from this year it is open all member states to coin/shape per year an intending coin in the value from 2 Euros to which exhibits the same specifications and the same European side, like the normal course coins. This new 2 Euro Think of coins is in completely euro country official, legal tender. For the editions of these coins, differently than thus with the rotating money, limitations, maximum limits of the embossing quantities, were specified. In completely euro country course-valid with the introduction of the euro-coins in the year 2002 one had agreed on European level first to leave it provisionally with the well-known national backs of the course coins. The population should get accustomed only once to the new change. Now the European commission in coordination with the governments of the euro-countries waived this restriction starting from the year 2004 for the 2 Euro coin. Greece premiere as the first country of the monetary union Greece uses the new freedom. On the occasion of the presentation of the Olympia intending coins too „2004 “in November in Berlin the director of many years of the national mint Athens, Konstantin Karkazis explained Athens that the Greek government had seized the resolution to publish 2004 from cause of the Olympic summer games such a coin. As motive a Discus thrower is intended. In addition the five Olympic rings are to be represented on only 2 Euro coin shaped with the year 2004. The height of the edition was not announced yet, however probably lies in the million-range. The 2 Euro coin, at the beginning of the yearly in Greece is in circulation given to be seen, is as addition to the precious metal program of the country. It is with the own population, in addition, beyond the borders of the organizer country for the sporty major event recruit - the classical auxiliary function of a coin already in the antiquity.