Saturday, November 21, 2009

Australian two coins 2010 Burke & Wills

2010 will mark the 150th anniversary of the Burke and Wills expedition, and subsequently the Royal Australian Mint themes its newest set to honour these explorers. The new $1 and 20 cent coins will feature in the two coin set in both uncirculated and proof finishes.
The $1 coin spotlights the hardships endured by the Burke and Wills expedition team. Here we see the weary remaining sole survivor of the expedition resting under the iconic carved dig tree on Cooper’s Creek in southwest Queensland. The 20 cent coin design depicts Burke and Wills astride camel and horse, departing on their epic journey.
The camel tracks represent their south to north travelling route, while the footprints narrate the aid of the Aboriginal people, as well as the Indian, Afghan and Pakistani cameleers. The lustrous proof finish shows off the criss-crossing footprints of humans and camels, representative of the pioneers incredibly arduous journey.

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