Sunday, July 19, 2009

Aruba 10 Florin Carnival Gold Coin 2009

In the year 2009 Aruba will be celebrating it’s 55
years of carnival. In this context, the Central Bank
of Aruba, on behalf of the government has issued a
special coin in gold proof, commemorating this
cultural celebration.
Aruba will celebrate her 55th Carnival in 2009. On
Aruba Carnival is celebrated for more than 64
years. However the first official Carnival parades
and election of Carnival Queen were held in 1955
after ‘the Central Carnival Committee of Aruba’ was
installed. In the early years the many carnival
groups were inspired by Afro-Caribbean and
historic themes. The years thereafter showed that
themes like Aruban flora and fauna, tourism, culture
and folklore were appreciated more amongst the
participating groups. This made the Aruban
Carnival so unique, which attributed to the
popularity of the festival celebrations in the
Caribbean, South-America, the United States and
Northern Europe. The most important events during
the Carnival season are: the elections of Carnival
Queen, the Calypso and Roadmarch music festival,
the Lighting Parade, the Jouvert Morning (opening
morning) and the Grand Parades during the
weekend before Ash Wednesday.

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