Monday, April 13, 2009

Finland, 2 commemorative EURO, 2009

All euro area countries are issuing a two-euro commemorative coin to celebrate the 10th anniversary of economic and monetary union in Europe. The obverse side of the coin shows a stick figure which merges into the euro symbol and ‘EMU 1999 – 2009’. The obverse side of the Finnish coin also has the text ‘SUOMI FINLAND 2009’ and the lettering ‘Talous- ja rahaliitto EMU’ written around the edge of the coin. The reverse of the coin is identical to that of existing two-euro coins in circulation. A total of 1,400,000 of the new commemorative coins will be struck in Finland. The Bank of Finland will issue around half of the total batch through normal currency supply channels and the other half through Finnish commercial banks as wholesale deliveries. Most of the new coins will enter circulation as change given in retail outlets, though they will also be available for purchase in coin shops. The coins will be put into circulation in early January. The commemorative coins will be legal tender in all euro area countries.

Source : Bank of Finland

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